Exeter College Fellows’ Garden

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Founded in 1314 as a ministerial college by the Bishop of Exeter Walter de Stapeldon, Exeter College is the University’s fourth oldest. The Fellows’ Garden is one of Oxford’s secret places, bounded on one side by the walls of the Divinity Schools and on two others by high stone walls adjoining Brasenose Lane and Radcliffe Square; from atop these walls is a fantastic elevated view over the Square. The College featured as Jordan College in former student Philip Pullman’s trilogy His Dark Materials, and the film of the first novel The Golden Compass was partly shot here. Other notable alumni include JRR Tolkein, Roger Bannister, Martin Amis and William Morris. Exeter was the first former men’s college to have a woman at its head, Professor Marilyn Butler, who was elected as Rector in 1992.

Photograph: © Martin Anderson

1 review for Exeter College Fellows’ Garden

  1. Phil Gordon

    A classic Oxford building, but taken from ‘hidden Oxford’ – a really beautiful print too.

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